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[S4E9] Wish You Were Here

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[S4E9] Wish You Were Here

"Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" is a song written and performed by American singer-songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins. Released in March 1992 as the first single from her debut album, Tongues and Tails (1992), the song achieved success in many countries worldwide; in the United States, it reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100. It also reached the top 10 in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Norway. In the United Kingdom, the single peaked at number 14 on the UK Singles Chart, becoming Hawkins' second-most successful song on that chart after "Right Beside You", which reached number 13 in 1994.[2] There were made two different versions of the music video for the song, after the first version was banned from MTV for its erotic content.

The original music video for the song featured Hawkins lying on her back in a flowing, light-fabric outfit while singing the song, interspersed with scenes of dancers and of Hawkins kneeling down while wearing a combination of a tube top and essentially a diaper. At the time, television network MTV banned the original version for its erotic content;[16] moreover, Sony Music Entertainment (SME) was still repeatedly banning it from YouTube "on copyright grounds" as of late June 2017. A new video was shot, after the MTV ban, that showed Hawkins in a more conservative outfit of jeans and a flannel shirt, performing the song on a stage together with a band. While the new video was shot entirely in black and white, a significant portion of the original video was in colour (though there were scenes in black and white as well, with some artificial colouring used to artistically enhance the material). A portion of this original video is featured in the documentary The Cream Will Rise.[17] Both video versions used the shorter radio version.

Interesting that Ben can't kill Widmore. Is that because Widmore is "stuck" on the island in another time I am sure that I am wrong, but what if Jacob and Widmore are one in the same Anyways, there is a lot of speculation that people can't die off the island if they still "have work to do" or maybe if they are also on the island in a different timeAlso, did you catch the smirk on Ben's face as he walked away from Sayid Maybe Ben killed Sayid's wife to enlist his help in seeking Ben's revenge. Maybe the man who Sayid killed was just keeping tabs on him in case he could lead Widmore back to the island. Maybe Ben can't kill Widmore, but Sayid can There is a lot of speculation that "The Economist" is Widmore, so if Sayid is trying to kill him in the future, then Ben manipulating Sayid by killing his wife would seem to fit.The fact that Ben didn't know what year it was seems very important. Maybe the time on and off the island isn't in sync. I have tried to argue this many times, but have always been "shot down". Goes back to my theory that Desmond and Penny were talking to each other in two different times. Also, if Penny is in another time, it would make it very hard for Ben to find her, noI know whoever sent the message saying the Doc is fine could be trying to mislead the Losties, but I think it is another clue to the different "time" elements.Last, I don't think Ben took a boat off the island. I think he time traveled to the Middle East. Did you notice how he seemed to shake or twitch as he was "coming to" in the middle of the desert I don't think he could tell Sayid the truth for many reasons including the fact that Sayid would then want to go back in time to save his wife. Once again ties into the fact that Ben needs to manipulate Sayid into trying to kill Widmore.-Addict

cdstedman,I think the Dharma folk did invent some sort of machine to help capture or manipulate the island's ability to cause time shifts if not time travel. I say this because Desmond's mind shifted to a different time period without the use of machine in the helicopter (that I am aware of at least, lol). So, I am thinking that the Dharma folk were working on fine tuning time travel (or duplication), but hadn't completely worked out all of the kinks.Random thought, what if Widmore was on the island but time traveled off of it before all of the kinks (like returning) were worked outCoffin Watch: I think the coffin could be a great way for the writers to reinforce what we learned in the Orchid video, two of the same rabbit/person can esist at once. Add this to the fact that we know time is different on and off the island, then what if the person in the coffin is someone who already died on the island Many people (me included) have theories that a person such as Michael can't die off the island if they are alive on it, but a point for discussion is the following:if there are two of the same person (let's say Michael), one on the island and one off, then can the one off die after the one on the island dies or does the one off the island die simultaneously when the one on the island dies-Addict

More thoughts from 2nd viewing:- In Tunisia, when Ben said he's a preferred guest and showed the "Dean Moriarity" passport that we had seen in a previous episode, did anyone notice how scared the Hotel Receptionist looked Seems to me there is more to the story of Ben's presence in Tunisia in prior visits.-Something I didn't think about the first time around. Ben was the one that asked if it was 2005, and the receptionist confirmed. So it would seem like Ben was HOPING this is when he'd arrive. OR he was hoping that his travels would NOT cause a time jump. Maybe the effects of these travels are not random and Ben knew WHEN he would jump to. Notice how when Sayid is questioning how Ben got off the island Sayid asks "WHY NOW" (of all times why 10 months after we left the island well..we assume it's about 10 months lol) Ben kinda dodged the question and went into the Charles Widmore battle again. I just don't think Ben would sit idle for 10 months on the island prior to traveling off the island. So with this in mind...I'm still leaning towards that he time traveled and took some kind of PORTAL off the island that landed him 10 months later in Tunisia. It sounds so far fetched to think this way. But we know there is an element of science fiction to this show! So I'm going with it for now! lol-Nice touch of US Military presence in Iraqwe did get confirmation from Alex that Karl and Rousseau are dead. I guess this is what the producers were referring to. I'll strike my questioning in the blog for now. But in a show that claimed Mikhail was dead a couple times before, I question whether Rousseau is really dead! lolafter Sayid keeps pulling trigger with no bullets left, I loved Ben's comment "That should do it" lol Okay, now some responsese to comments made so far! I agree with Addict that the Economist was a MALE Character. Didn't the woman that Sayid was chillin with keep referring to The Economist as a MAN But yeah, if Ben can't kill Widmore, then it might not be him. But it would seem that they are working their way to Penny. I don't think Sayid knows this though. And if Sayid finds out his target is Penny, the tides may turn! Here's another question I was pondering before Thursday's episode and am still pondering. Now Jack referred to Multiple Helicopters which I wasn't sure if it was a mistake on Matthew Fox's part or not. I'm rambling. My question is....when we watch Michael's freighter flashback, we see ONE chopper on the freighter, right In season 3, didn't a chopper crash into the ocean The one Naomi was flying And then we definitely saw one this season going to and from the island. So what's the deal That freighter didn't look like it fit multiple choppers. Continuity error that the writers hoped we didn't question Or do they have multiple helicoptersTold you I had time to kill today! lol

Mike,Yeah, I know what you mean. Just look at cdstedman and my different opinions on the possible time travel. We are both big fans of the show, but if this is where the writers are going, they have a very fine line before turning off some viewers and/or just flat out confusing some of them too much.I have been thinking about your helicopter comment. I seem to recall Naomi and Frank having an argument about her taking the helicopter out. I guess there is a chance that another helicopter was flown out to the plane to replace the one Nadia crashed or that her helicopter crashing was a cover story. I don't think another one could have been flown out though because the freightor folk give the impression that they are lost and don't know exactly where they are. I also seem to remember seeing something explode at the same time that Naomi parachuted.I don't know how the writers will make it work, but is it possible that Naomi took the helicopter and crashed it, but at the same time never took it Kind of like there were two rabbits at the same time. It could explain how some of the crew is going crazy.I keep thinking that the title of the show has at least two meanings: lost on an island in the middle of nowhere (and maybe everywhere) and lost in time (past, present, and future).-Addict

ooh just thought of something else...if the message WAS sent to the could've been sent to George Minkowski which would settle all my questions about who would respond in Morse Code if George was dead.I know I know!!! There were probably several people that knew it. But if it was the past...then I could see it working out this way. And we might even catch the other end of that conversation in someone else on the freighter's flashback this season or the next!

I wish I could tell you what I know about the resolution to the Ben/Widmore/Desmond/Penny storyline....but I just couldn't spoil that for you! LOL You'll get there!As for season 6...yikes, well there is always (not sure if they will have them all up by the time you finish)...but the DVD for season 6 comes out August 24th...which is actually pretty awesome considering the last few didn't come out until December (because season 4, 5 and 6 didn't start until Jan/Feb of the following year). And there's going to be tons of extra goodies on the season 6 bonus features that I'm looking forward to and am planning to blog about as well! I think if you guys finish up seasons 4 and 5 early, maybe it will do you well to wait a month or so until you can finish. After all, we all had to wait 9 months between seasons 3 and 4, 4 and 5 and 5 and 6! And they were excruciating waits!! :-) Oh, and never be embarassed about wanting to post a comment! I am actually enjoying your updates as you run through the series lol An advanced word of warning for when you get there. In the episode recap prior to the FINAL EPISODE of season 6....there's probably about 10-20 comments of people venting about the finale....I couldn't get a new post up soon enough...people wanted to start commenting! And then once i did get a 1 paragraph post up as I was typing up the finale got 450 comments! LOL Anyway, my point careful not to read any spoilers in the comments of that penultimate series finale recap. A major advanced warning, but I wanted to let you know. Thank you for making this blog an essential part of your LOST experience. It means a lot to me that this site's archives are still relevant! 59ce067264


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