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Outdoor Football Training

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Set Your Goals

2TR Refereeing Course

The 2TR refereeing course aims to provide you with a solid understanding of the “2 Touch Rules” football game rules and how to apply them. In addition to how these rules scale to the full-sided game and how to simplify them for briefing existing football players that are new to 2 Touch Rulz.

The 2TR course

50% Theory and 50% practical

  • Introduction to the history of the game

  • 2 Touch Rulz overview (How it relates to the full-sided game)

  • Laws & 2TR Rulz

  • Duties and decisions

  • How to deal with match situations e.g. injuries, supporters, club officials, etc.

  • Discipline and record-keeping

  • Final assessment

  • Practical involves

  • Refereeing matches that simulate all 2TR Football game situations and referees are practically assessed

Basketball Coach
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Mind and Play

The 2TR Mind and Play programme has been developed by our in house Social Transition team in concert with external sports psychologists. The programme is centred around using scenarios we can simulate on the football pitch that reflect situations young people face in real life.

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