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Work Placements


2TR Football currently work with 17 London authorities to provide work placements for young people.  Specialising in 2 areas, young people with a keen interest in football who want to develop their football coaching skills with a view to a career in football. 

Secondly, with young people on the fringe of society.  We work closely with respective social services teams to identify individuals that could benefit from a positive inclusion programme, which delivers measurable results every time.

A key building block in the history of the 2TR philosophy has been our commitment to social outreach, our work in areas of social deprivation and our inclusion activities for underprivileged children.  This makes 2TR the perfect partner for councils wanting to guide young people on a positive path and enable them to achieve their full potential.

We provide a programme which directly links application to potential earnings.  Graduates who choose to complete the 2TR Refereeing course are eligible to work at our hosted events and Turn Up and Play sessions, the potential to earn real money is a fantastic motivational tool and many of our graduates go on to work at events for years after the initial programme completion.

Our national game has a reach and influence that is leveraged by brand and image based organisations worldwide.  Our holistic approach uses football as a tool to motivate young people to take interest and participate in the programme.  Our Mind & Play™ programme works with language and situational based scenarios that translate from various football field settings to their real life mirrors.

Creating these simply understood and acted out situations gives young people greater understanding of cause and affect, action and consequence.  We provide our delegates with a set of life tools that are undeniable and therefore follow them as they progress in the world.  With hundreds of reference cases where we have enlightened the most resistant young person you can virtually guarantee success.

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