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2TR Academy

What we can offer you...

You never get lost in the crowd in the 2TR academy as our proprietary development system tracks skill development at the individual player member level. Player members and parents can log in to our secure member extranet to track their individual progress 24/7. Our system is fully dynamic and is used by our coaches in the field who update it in real-time so you always have an up-to-date view of your or your child’s development.

The 2TR academy has an inbuilt reward system that continually motivates young player members to achieve new goals. This is delivered in concert with tailored encouragement from our highly qualified coaching team. We believe the balance of both human and system-driven encouragement provides our young members with a real advantage, they are never waiting to be the star of the week or player of the month, the young players are continually supported, motivated, and positively reinforced.

Football Training on Astroturf

2TR provides a full spectrum academy program with a full pathway into professional club football. The 2TR Elite Development Centres act as a conduit for high-achieving 2TR academy members to progress and also as a stepping stone for young players moving between professional club academies.

Soccer Game in Rain

2TR Football presents quite a unique opportunity for groups of colleagues to work together in a competitive footballing situation where age, ability and gender present little advantage. 2 Touch Rulz football requires teamwork first and foremost, with a player only being able to touch the ball twice (Control & Pass or Shoot) you need your teammates working around you or possession is lost.

Team Practice

Community Initiatives

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