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We Bring 2 Touch Rulz to YOU!

2 Touch Rulz is a fantastic game that allows young men and women, boys and girls to play together, whilst competing in a highly rewarding and ground breaking game.  The core philosophy of 2 Touch removes any one teams ability to physically dominate the opposing team, allowing a mix of ages and genders to play together unimpeded by physicality. 

2 Touch football engenders a technical game, controlling touch (first touch), pass or shoot (2nd touch).  It reduces the decision making and ability required to play a highly involving game of football, making it the ideal football ice breaker and perfect full sided game partner.

The easily learned and highly intuitive 10 game rules combine to create a fast and compelling football game that has even the most reluctant of joiner wanting to get on the pitch.  This is why schools and colleges across London have been booking the 2TR team to run in-house programmes to assist and reinforce their sport inclusion syllabus.

2 Touch Rulz has been designed from the ground up to work in concert with the FA’s (Football Association) small sided games programme to enhance team work and team play.  Instantiating and reinforcing good communication skills and breaking down barriers by necessitating interdependency between team members.

You never get lost in the crowd in the 2TR Schools and Colleges Programme, as our proprietary development system tracks skill development at the individual player member level. Faculty members and school administrators can log into to our secure member extranet to track their pupils progress 24/7. Our system is fully dynamic and is used by our coaches in the field who update it in real time so you always have an up to date view of your pupils development.


See below just some of the schools we provide services to, Call us today to find out how we can bring 2 Touch Rulz to your academic institution!

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