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Pattern Magic English Pdf 11

Pattern Magic: A Creative Approach to Garment Design

Pattern Magic is a series of books by Japanese fashion designer and professor Tomoko Nakamichi, who teaches at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. The books present a collection of innovative and sculptural garments that challenge the conventional rules of pattern making and sewing. The books are aimed at experienced dressmakers who want to explore new possibilities of garment design and construction.


The first book, Pattern Magic, was published in Japan in 2005 and translated into English in 2010. It contains 27 projects that demonstrate various techniques of manipulating fabric, such as creating bubbles, waves, twists, and folds. The projects range from simple to complex, and each one includes a diagram of the pattern pieces, a photograph of the finished garment, and a brief explanation of the concept behind it. Some examples of the projects are:

  • The Bamboo Shoot: A dress that has a series of triangular pleats that create a dynamic shape.

  • The Knot: A top that has a knot-like detail at the front that can be adjusted to create different effects.

  • The Drop Hole: A coat that has a circular cut-out at the back that reveals the garment underneath.

The second book, Pattern Magic 2, was published in Japan in 2006 and translated into English in 2011. It contains 21 projects that explore more advanced techniques of fabric manipulation, such as creating curves, spirals, cones, and spheres. The projects also introduce some elements of Japanese culture and aesthetics, such as origami, kimonos, and calligraphy. Some examples of the projects are:

  • The Wearing a Balloon: A dress that has a balloon-like shape that can be inflated or deflated by using a pump.

  • The Jutting Edge: A jacket that has a sharp edge that protrudes from the shoulder.

  • The Calligraphy Stroke: A skirt that has a curved hemline that resembles a brushstroke.

The third book, Pattern Magic 3, was published in Japan in 2016 and translated into English in 2017. It contains 19 projects that focus on creating garments with three-dimensional forms and structures, such as cubes, pyramids, cylinders, and cones. The projects also incorporate some aspects of geometry, mathematics, and physics, such as symmetry, angles, ratios, and gravity. Some examples of the projects are:

  • The Cube: A dress that has a cubic shape that can be worn in different ways.

  • The Fractal: A coat that has a fractal pattern that creates an optical illusion.

  • The Gravity: A top that has a draped neckline that changes according to the position of the wearer.

All three books are available in PDF format online for free download from various sources . However, it is recommended to purchase the original books or borrow them from a library if possible, as they contain more detailed instructions and illustrations than the PDF versions. The books are also printed on high-quality paper and have a beautiful layout and design.

Pattern Magic is a unique and inspiring resource for anyone who is interested in garment design and fabrication. It offers a creative approach to pattern making and sewing that challenges the conventional methods and encourages experimentation and innovation. It is not only a book of patterns, but also a book of ideas and concepts that can be applied to any garment or project.


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