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(שעון<<<) שווייץ ישראל 28 מרץ 2023

אודות מופע: ישראל (ISR) - שוויץ (SWI) - לאן משרד כרטיסים

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The flight wasn't full and there were plenty of room for our bags. "יתרונות: "The meal was ok The airplane was clean"חסרונות: "Seats were very nerow. No help from the crew. Flight delayed"חסרונות: "Maybe I should ask for vegetarian meal, because the meal I got was not tasty at all. "יתרונות: "All was great"חסרונות: "except we could not do an online check-in"יתרונות: "Staff, seats (exit)"חסרונות: "No screen, no entertainment, the food was very bad even for airlines food, for a 4 hours flight cancel the food and make a cheaper flight.

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And the early check-in didn't work. "יתרונות: "The food was tasty, the crew was nice and overall it was realy good"חסרונות: "There wasn't any movies or music as entertainment"יתרונות: "Spacious aircraft. Polite crew. Even good food. On time. "יתרונות: "The flight was very smooth"חסרונות: "We were 7 persons on the flight so we brought 7 bags to get on the plain but in the check in they told us that the flight is crowded so we can't get so many bags on.

אסטרטגיה לשינוי והתפתחויות אחרונות, בכנס של לשכת המסחר

"יתרונות: "It was for the most part on time. "חסרונות: "Basically a mostly-on-time bus in the sky. Both trips there were issues with soap in the bathroom. The first time: a shared hotel bar. The second: no soap at all. Food awful (tuna sandwiches for everyone served in a closed tube hurtling through the air not my idea of a good time) but it was a short flight from Amsterdam to Malta so whatever. "יתרונות: "Relatively on time. Friendly crew.

דקה 6: שווייץ - ישראל הצעירה 0:0 - ONE

שווייץ - ישראל היום

Although we have been assigned on on carrier the flight was operated by a different one, which was not cleared in the purchase paper. "יתרונות: "I fly this line often, SWISS is immeasurably better than ElAl. The planes are modern and include an in-flight entertainment system, the food is light years better, the staff more considerate and attentive. "חסרונות: "Cervise was not so good was waiting almost 3 hours on check in"יתרונות: "Overall very pleased with the airline"חסרונות: "The only complant I have is not enough leg room but the price was great so it was a compromise. "יתרונות: "I liked the comfort of the aircraft and entertainment"חסרונות: "That there was a delay which wasnt announced which meant i had to get through an new airport in a hurry for me to get connecting dublin flight. When i got to boarding gate everyone was boarding found this extetemly pressuring"יתרונות: "the punctualty"חסרונות: "little space betwwen the rows, bad food no entertainment and a very unfreindly crew"יתרונות: "Flight was good and comfortable"יתרונות: "I'm very satisfied with Swiss airline excellent service starting from the flight attenders very professional friendly excellent food.

In Prague the night before my second flight I hurt my knee real bad to a point that I couldn't walk at all. The next morning I call Swiss air costumer service again trying to explain them my situation telling them I can't fly and won't be able to make it to my flight. Costumer service cancelled immediately all of my remaining tickets and try to sell me new tickets for a full price.

CUSTOEMR SERVICE IS AN UNKNOWN WORD TO THEM. I WILL NEVER FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE AGAIN AND YOU SHOULD REMOVE THEM FROM YORU PROPOSALS. "יתרונות: "Crew is fantastik, Dana is the best"חסרונות: "Food"חסרונות: "they charged me for baggage when it was supposed to be included"יתרונות: "Pleasant staff, wonderful food, very pleasant flight"חסרונות: "Nothing, everything was very good"יתרונות: "I was amazed with leg room for all regular economy seats, I'm tall guy and constantly have problem with leg room but here I was pretty suprised. "חסרונות: "Free you get small bag of pretzels and glass of water..

Everything else you have to pay. Same as in low cost companies but with ticket price of regular one. "יתרונות: "My isle seat"חסרונות: "Studardess were very unpleasant, 2 times they passed my row, had to take out garbage by myself. Same movies were played on both flights (I had round trip)"יתרונות: "On time flights both directions"חסרונות: "Excessive baggage charges (40-60 euro each way per bag), so buy the ticket that includes the baggage"יתרונות: "Efficient boarding, friendly crew. Seats comfortable enough for an hour, but no longer. "חסרונות: "I have never been on a flight where there were so many screaming infants, and so loudly. Air Serbia, like the other airlines, apparently can find nobody smart and creative enough to solve that problem. "חסרונות: "Arms rest are pretty small"יתרונות: "Nothing"חסרונות: "The check in process was a mess was forced to wait in multiple long lines with the worst, unprofessional, disregarding, condescending staff to check in and then another line to pay for luggage.

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They also force you to pay an additional "seat fee" even if you don't request a specific seat. Horrible customer service, zero regard for customers. Waited in shuttle for 45 minutes before being taken to plane. My air conditioner fan for my seat was completely broken but had to pay for that seat as well. Avoid at all costs. Worst airplane very old and run down. Also the staff for Vienna airport is who you have to go to to pay fees for luggage and THEY ARE THE WORST TO DEAL WITH.

אמנת המס עם שוויץ - שטיינמץ עמינח ושות'

סיקור משחק שווייץ נגד ישראל, 28/03/2023 - Sport5 - ערוץ הספורט


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