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[SPORT TV>] Serbia - Lithuania live free 24 March 2023

Serbia vs Lithuania Match Details, Predictions, Lineup, Betting Tips, Head-to-Head, Where to watch live today? - UEFA Euro QualifiersSerbia vs Lithuania will be entering the rings of the grounds facing each other in the event. The matches are going to be a football event taking off with the event on March 25, 2023, for Serbia vs Lithuania. The game will be taking off for the UEFA EURO Qualifiers at 01:15 AM (IST) for Serbia vs Lithuania. The grounds hosting the team’s Serbia vs Lithuania are the grounds of Red Star Stadium. The event is going to be a Matchday 1 out of the 10 for the qualification round of Group G for Serbia vs Lithuania.

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Lithuania compared to SerbiaSerbia is a sovereign country in Europe, with a total land area of approximately 77, 474 sq km. The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes was formed in 1918; its name was changed to Yugoslavia in 1929. Communist Partisans resisted the Axis occupation and division of Yugoslavia from 1941 to 1945 and fought nationalist opponents and collaborators as well. The military and political movement headed by Josip Broz "TITO" (Partisans) took full control of Yugoslavia when their domestic rivals and the occupiers were defeated in 1945. Although communists, TITO and his successors (Tito died in 1980) managed to steer their own path between the Warsaw Pact nations and the West for the next four and a half decades.

There are chances of a draw between the teams whereas the predicted draw in the event of Serbia vs Lithuania is 10%. The chances for Lithuania to make it to win is around 35% rolling out the matches for the teams. The winner predictions are on the basis of analysis and the final results for Serbia vs Lithuania will be out after the matches this evening. Head-To-HeadSerbia vs Lithuania are players of a total of six matches whereas there have been very less counters of the team. The team Serbia is a winner for a total of five matches in the event of Serbia vs Lithuania. Whereas the team Lithuania didn’t make it to win any of the fixtures in the tournament.

The MILOSEVIC government's rejection of a proposed international settlement led to NATO's bombing of Serbia in the spring of 1999. Serbian military and police forces withdrew from Kosovo in June 1999, and the UN Security Council authorized an interim UN administration and a NATO-led security force in Kosovo. FRY elections in late 2000 led to the ouster of MILOSEVIC and the installation of democratic government. In 2003, the FRY became the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, a loose federation of the two republics.

The game is going to be taking place in Serbia vs Lithuania in the upcoming matches for football of Serbia vs Lithuania. The matches will be rolling on March 25, 2023, at 01:15 AM (IST) for Serbia vs Lithuania. The game for Serbia vs Lithuania rolls out at the grounds of Red Star Stadium. The event for Serbia vs Lithuania takes off with the matches of the UEFA EURO Qualifiers for the event this season. MatchSerbia vs LithuaniaDetailsUEFA EURO QualifiersDateMarch 25, 2023Time01:15 AM (IST)VenueRed Star StadiumPredictionsThere are predictions that the team that makes it to win the event is Serbia where there is more than a 65% chance of winning.

In 1989, Slobodan MILOSEVIC became president of the Republic of Serbia and his ultranationalist calls for Serbian domination led to the violent breakup of Yugoslavia along ethnic lines. In 1991, Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia declared independence, followed by Bosnia in 1992. The remaining republics of Serbia and Montenegro declared a new Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) in April 1992 and under MILOSEVIC's leadership, Serbia led various military campaigns to unite ethnic Serbs in neighboring republics into a "Greater Serbia. " These actions were ultimately unsuccessful and, after international intervention, led to the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords in 1995. MILOSEVIC retained control over Serbia and eventually became president of the FRY in 1997. In 1998, an ethnic Albanian insurgency in the formerly autonomous Serbian province of Kosovo provoked a Serbian counterinsurgency campaign that resulted in massacres and massive expulsions of ethnic Albanians living in Kosovo.

SerbiaLithuania06Matches Played0605Matches Won0101Matches Lost0500Matches Draw00Probable LineupSerbia Vlahovic, Mitrovic, Tadic, Kostic, Milinkovic-Savic, Lukic, Zivkovic, Pavlovic, Veljkovic, Milenkovic, V. Milinkovic-SavicLithuaniaCernych, Golubickas, Simkus, Vorobjovas, Novikovas, Barauskas, Girdvainis, Slivka, Satkus, Mikoliunas, GertmonasBetting TipsFixture Result: SerbiaSerbia vs Lithuania to Score: YesSerbia vs Lithuania Over/Under 2. 5: Over 2. 5Teams to Score first: SerbiaWhere To Watch Live Today? The fixtures for Serbia vs Lithuania will be rolling out on the official partner that is the Sony Sports Network. The fans of the football for Serbia vs Lithuania will be rolling out on the digital portal Sony Liv app. The matches for the teams Serbia vs Lithuania will also be available on the Jio TV app in India.

Serbia is currently placed in position five of the tables whereas Lithuania is placed three where both the teams are entering the first fixture of the tournament. It is going to be the first event for the teams Serbia vs Lithuania in the tournament UEFA Euro Qualifiers. Check out more details about Serbia vs Lithuania match details, predictions, lineup, Betting Tips, and where to watch live today – UEFA EURO QualifiersMatch DetailsSerbia vs Lithuania will be taking it over each other in the upcoming matches for the football event.

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