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[S5E1] Hello Charlie Free

Cut to the Ghillie Ball, or the "gamekeepers ball" in Scotland. A quiet yet confident Prime Minster takes in the various generations of royalty, noting that the senior members seem dangerously diluted. In contrast, the younger generations are thankless and entitled. What's worse is that the Prince of Wales fails to appreciate his one great asset (hello, Diana). John can't help but feel that the country's stability is about to erupt on his watch.

[S5E1] Hello Charlie

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Unfortunately, though, the worst side of Jordan might come out because David is here. But he comes over and gives Jordan a friendly hello and handshake, so hopefully the tension is settled for now. David says he's the last one to arrive, and right away Tia looks near tears. She reveals she hasn't reached out to Colton, and he hasn't reached out either. (Erm, not a great sign.) John, correctly, says the whole point of paradise is to keep your options open. 041b061a72


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