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What is a trap bet? How to identify trap bets in football from experts

In football betting, bookmakers often offer players many types of bets. However, if we know and avoid trap bets in football, it will keep your wallet safe. At the same time, it can also help you avoid many bets that seem tempting. So what exactly is a trap bet? Let's find out together betting tips expert with Wintips.

What does a trap bet mean?

In Vietnamese, a trap bet means a bet that is not favorable, or it refers to a "trap" bet set by bookmakers to lure players to place bets.

Usually, trap bets will have very attractive odds. Even when match statistics have been compiled from various sources. However, sportsbooks will still offer extremely enticing rewards for trap bets. If players do not have a clear opinion, it is very easy to fall into the trap.

On the other hand, trap bets usually have a very low winning percentage. While the loss rate is over 80%. However, not everyone can analyze and identify which bets are good and which are traps.

Why do bookmakers offer trap bets in football?

Reputable sports betting platforms often provide players with many types of bets. Each bet usually has many smaller groups. The odds for each bet are publicly announced on the betting platform.

The choice of which bet to place is up to each player. If you know how to evaluate your choices, it's easy to choose the bet you like. However, this process is very normal, and everyone has equal rights. Bookmakers do not force players to choose. Moreover, the outcome of bets depends on other factors as well.

For example, you analyze a bet and think the match will go a certain way. But in reality, everything is decided on the field. Therefore, when analyzing or predicting any bet, you need to take the time to calculate and establish a reasonable plan to follow the bet. Only then can you limit falling into these trap bets.

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How to Identify Trap Bets from Professional Gamblers

Trap bets always have two sides. If you predict correctly, you can earn a fortune from this type of bet. This is because most trap bets in football often have extremely high odds.

When you choose the right moment, the rewards can be significantly higher than initially anticipated. Additionally, if you opt to play with bookmakers, the odds are usually more "reasonable" compared to others.

To accurately identify trap bets, you need to:

Clearly identify the league you want to bet on. Avoid betting on lesser-known football leagues or those with little attention, as there will be limited information available about the matches. Even if you're an expert analyst, it's challenging to make accurate assessments in such cases.

Actively monitor the fluctuation of odds for the match you want to bet on. Avoid placing bets too early compared to your planned schedule. Typically, you need to choose a suitable timeframe to place your bet. At the very least, you should watch the match live before making a decision.

If financially viable, consider purchasing additional tip-offs for reference.

Knowing the odds is one of the main ways to detect whether it's a trap bet. Players must regularly update themselves on the odds set by the bookmakers for each match along with the betting rules. Based on the information gathered for analysis, assess whether the odds set by the bookmakers correspond with the actual situation of the match. If you discover unreasonable odds with high bet amounts, it's likely a trap bet that you should avoid. If players fail to notice this, they'll easily fall into the trap set by the bookmakers.

Observing odds fluctuations is crucial for online football bettors to make the most accurate decisions. Especially before each match, bookmakers often make several adjustments to the odds to maximize profits. Therefore, there will be many fluctuations in odds about two hours before the match, with extremely high trap bet odds.

The purpose of bookmakers offering trap bets at this time is to lure players to bet on a particular outcome. The aim is to balance the total bets placed and to profit. However, if you can identify trap bets in time, they can also be lucrative opportunities. Hence, players need to be vigilant in distinguishing between trap bets and favorable bets for accurate betting decisions.

Observing information for each match is crucial in identifying bookmaker trap bets. Pay close attention to the betting odds on the betting board for each match. Players should note any bets with unclear information but unusually high betting odds and avoid such bets.

In particular, players need to understand information about both teams to assess their strengths and weaknesses accurately. From there, you can make the most objective and accurate decisions. This is the most effective way to avoid falling into bookmaker trap bets.

Based on the timing of placing bets, bookmaker trap bets are constantly changing and can fluctuate continuously in the hours leading up to the match. During this period, you can avoid the risk of odds changes by placing bets a week before the match. According to experienced experts, this is the best time to place bets because the odds are more accurate. However, you should only bet if you genuinely understand both teams.

Comparing odds between different bookmakers is essential. Nowadays, there are many bookmakers offering football betting tips. You can compare the selected betting odds with other bookmakers in the market. If the odds are unusually high compared to other bookmakers, it's likely a trap set by the bookmaker, and you should avoid it.


By now, you should have a clear understanding betting tips website of what trap bets are in football. Generally, trap bets aren't as bad as we might think. The key is to analyze, make accurate assessments, and choose the right bets. Also, remember to access reputable bookmakers to get the most attractive odds.


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