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[S5E5] Cradle To Grave !FREE!

When three sets of human remains are excavated from a shallow grave outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the BAU attempts to track down a killer who infects his victims with rabies and films them as their symptoms worsen. Meanwhile, Garcia and Reid juggle preparing for an upcoming fitness test and keeping their plans secret from Morgan.

[S5E5] Cradle to Grave

In her bedroom, Emily is trying to watch a movie, still annoyed at Alison. Alison tells her that she knows she screwed up, and Emily wonders why Alison didn't tell them the truth, "it's so much better than lying". Sitting down next to Emily, Alison tells her that she didn't tell them everything because she was afraid. Leaning in, Alison tries to kiss Emily, but she moves away, telling Alison that a kiss is not going to fix this. Suddenly the movie crosses to a breaking news story about the Jane Doe who was "buried in Alison DiLaurentis' grave". 041b061a72


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