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Welcome to 2TR Football 2 Touch Rulz Soccer Simplified Mind and Play

2TR Football is specifically designed to develop all facets of teamwork both on and off the field in a way that no other competitive football game has addressed to date. Check out what we offer!



2 Touch Rulz Football - Soccer Simplified

2 Touch Rulz Football is a small sided football game designed to improve all young players regardless of their technical ability.  Using our proprietary game rules and goals, we are able to distil the full sided game down into a much simpler form of football.  Allowing us to focus more on developing the skills of our young players.

With less players on the field decision making is reduced making it easier to become a good player.  Only using 2 consecutive touches of the ball ensures every team member is fully utilised and never standing idol. Our proprietary goals replace the traditional goal keeper but require the player to shoot more carefully, which is rewarded more frequently with goals, with every player scoring goals you have happy kids every time. More info..


2 Touch Rulz Football

The 2TR Football game has been designed by 3-2-WON LTD, a team of highly experienced coaches with extensive experience in young player development. The programme never stands still and is in constant evolution, we are committed to innovation and moving the game forward. We remain vigilant in world football, always looking for breaking success and emerging techniques. We work proactively with the FA, the PFA and Top Pro Club academies to make sure our technical DNA programme is at the leading edge of football development.

2 Touch Rulz Football was designed specifically to simplify football. Helping young players to focus on core football skill development without the burden of lots of players, lots of confusion and lots of rules. The game develops both players and teams by incremental steps that will lead to individual player and team success. All skills used in 2 Touch Rulz football directly support and develop the skills players will need for 5/7/9/11 a side football...veterans of the system benefit from a set of skills that are transferrable to any sport and virtually all areas of life.


2 Touch Rulz Football Game Key Features

The 2 Touch Rulz Football game is Soccer Simplified and easy for any player to grasp, the format drives development in both the individual player and the team


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"The key is in the RULES"

2TR Football will take the world by storm. The game helps improve any player at any level. It’s fun, focused and imperative to enhancing team performance for full sided team games! Charles Browne

“2 Touch Rulz is a fast game. You need quick thinking before having the ball. The rules make it a challenging and enjoyable game. This game will definitely help kids to become better players…[they] love it!”

Rodrigo Sousa, Barcelona FC Dev Coach

“…2TR Football is an innovative and fun adaptation to the game that provides an alternative social and recreational football format that particularly appeals to young people”

Simon Walker, National Adult Grass Roots Manager - English FA (Football Association)

“Camden Council and the Lottery support 2TR Football because the activities help children improve their skills both on the pitch and in life”

Lazzaro Peitragnoli, Mayor of Camden – Greater London Authority

“...the 2TR Academy has been fantastic for my little boy, I work on Sunday's and therefore community club football was never an option, quite simply without this he wouldn't be at Arsenal Academy now”

Tracy Hannigan, Mum of a 2TR Academy Player

"..the team from 2TR came down and coached our coaches, this enabed the club to give our teams a different dimension to how they played, some embraced it more than others, those that did never looked back and some are now 2TR evangelists themselves.."

Derick McCorkell, Chairman - Ickenham Youth Football Club (FA Chartered Standard Club)



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