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[S3E5] Stuck

Luisa made Mango Napoleon with Meringue Ricotta. Luisa made a very light and silky dessert that is very personal to her, and the appearance is beautiful. Leaving the coffee beans whole in her caramel causes them to get stuck in the judges teeth.

[S3E5] Stuck

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Dex, Lyle, Nina and Amanda are all stuck on a train track, and get hit by a train. They get sent to purgatory where they meet the Grim Reaper, who offers to bring them back to life, if they can beat him in a "clash of the fists". But each time they're revived, they nearly instantly get hit by the train again, and have to use their wits and quick thinking with the help of the Grim Reaper to successfully get off the repeated cycle of death.

But when you try to stretch a case of the week too far, it reveals its seams. That's definitely happening here, with the story seemingly stuck somewhere in the early second act, waiting for the climax. Maybe Jack fighting with Hannibal, then pushing him out a window, will prove to be the catalyst that pushes things forward.

The party decides to break in but fails, so Fearne turns into a rat and tries to squeeze under the door but gets stuck. She can see, however, that the interior room is in disarray, with overturned furniture strewn about. Ashton eventually manages to pick the lock just as Imogen pulls rat-Fearne free. Above them, one of the patrolling simurgh riders begins to descend, and they all rush stealthily inside. The investigating sky warden fails to find them and leaves. 041b061a72


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