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No Shit Sherlock _VERIFIED_

Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch has played Sherlock on the popular BBC series since 2010 and Robert Downey Jr. has also played the part in a pair of Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies, which means that a Sherlock joke would have been perfect for some fans. And the joke was something that was strongly considered by the Russo Brothers, as revealed in the Infinity War commentary track. One of the directors says, "I should've said, No shit, Sherlock." Apparently, "everybody really wanted that joke," but they decided to leave it out.

No Shit Sherlock

On November 30th, 2004, Urban Dictionary user =virus.exe= submitted an entry regarding the expression.[1] On September 2nd, 2009, The NoShitSherlock subreddit was launched which highlights online news headlines with obvious statements. As of September, 2015, the subreddit has gathered over 15.000 readers.[4]Discussions with the expression can be found a number of sites including Tumblr[5] and 4chan.[6] On an unregistered date, a 9gag post titled "No Shit, Sherlock!" was submitted (shown below, left) which gathered over 32.000 points.[2] On November 18th, 2011, FunnyJunk user bfresh submitted a post titled "No shit sherlock" which shows several text message based on a joke made by Jim Gaffigan (shown below, right). The post gathered over 29.700 views and 1.214 upvotes in 3 years.[3]

and Arrigo Triulzi @cynicalsecurity posted a nice list of whats potencialy wrong with their paper here: 1) MASTERKEY: if you allow unauthorised BIOS updates you are screwed. Threat level: No shit, Sherlock! 2) RYZENFALL: again, loading unauthorised code on the Secure Processor as admin. Threat level: No shit, Sherlock!So I wonder, how far do we need to spread these before AMD can respond? within 24 hours? I hope ... im right, and not wrong. for AMD users and AMD. Numerous vulnerabilities in AMD processors Posted Mar 13, 2018 19:06 UTC (Tue) by CodeAsm (guest, #101413) [Link]

Depending on whether whatever AMD's equivalent of Boot Guard is enabled, write access to the BIOS chip shouldn't be exploitable for anything other than a secure boot bypass and control over CPL0 and up. MASTERKEY (if the vulnerability is for real) gives SMM privilege. The degree to which this is a problem is admittedly rather dubious.> 2) RYZENFALL: again, loading unauthorised code on the Secure Processor as admin. Threat level: No shit, Sherlock!I disagree. The whole point of the PSP is that it should *not* be tamperable with as admin. This allows whatever TPM-like features it emulates to be compromised, SEV to be compromised, etc. OTOH, SEV is thoroughly insecure be design anyway, at least in current revisions.I personally have no idea why MS and other users consider an emulated TPM to be a TPM at all for purposes of MS/Windows logo requirements, etc. Numerous vulnerabilities in AMD processors Posted Mar 15, 2018 0:25 UTC (Thu) by flussence (subscriber, #85566) [Link] 041b061a72


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