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Bonjour Service Windows 10 Download [BETTER]

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bonjour service windows 10 download

If you're a Windows user and looking to communicate with Apple devices, including iPhone or MacBooks, download the Bonjour services. Otherwise, you don't need to install the Bonjour service. Moreover, if you're using a PC with Apple TV or iPhone, getting Bonjour installed will eventually benefit you.

I have a laptop with win10 64bit (1703 Build 15063.413) which downloads bonjour when activating auto config, but never stops doing so (4h). reboot and reinstall did not help. I am behind a proxy. disabling of proxy did not help. checking if bonjour is already running as a service yields: no.

OK thanks for the detailed info. I havent tried virtualhere on spring update yet. Il will test this in the coming days. Actually the "android.local" lookup is provided by bonjour service running in windows. VirtualHere gets the android.local. name from bonjour then it attempts to resolve the name to an ip address using the windows dns resolver system. This in theory has a hook to the bonjour system that will resolve that name to the ip address. My guess is something is not right with that hook. However im not sure until i test here...

The Bonjour Service is quietly running behind-the-scenes as programs on your computer system use it for communication over a local data network. For example, if numerous computer system systems on your network make use of the iTunes application, bonjour service makes it viable to care for shared media collections. Bonjour is typically made use of for file-sharing or developing network printers. Although Bonjour is a software program application, it does not act likewise to applications on your computer system.

On Windows, bonjour servicemakes use of the native link-local attending to assistance in IPv6 and the exclusive network for IPv4. This is similar to Automatic Private IP Dealing With (APIPA).

bonjour serviceuses a combination of local hostname arrangement and also multicast DNS (mDNS) for name resolution. On the general public web, the Domain System (DNS) counts on outside DNS web servers. A DNS server includes a data source of public IP addresses and associated hostnames. For instance, this makes it offered for individuals to designate web addresses to their websites.

Meanwhile, Microsoft does not provide support for this protocol so we have to resort a software named Bonjour provided by Apple. The Bonjour service is bundled with iTunes so you might already have it if you installed iTunes previously. If you prefer not to install iTunes (a pretty huge download), you may download the Bonjour Print Services (5MB).

After the download, extract the executable file with a compression software such as 7-zip or WinRAR. You will find the file Bonjour.msi (32-bit) and Bonjour64.msi (64-bit). Run either the 32-bit or 64-bit installer based on you operating system. Then, you can verify that the Bonjour service is up and running by checking through the Services tab in Windows Task Manager or through running services.msc.


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