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Download Stolen Treasure: A Thrilling Adventure Game Where You Hunt for Lost Relics and Solve Puzzles

The family treasure has caused a rift between sisters. Isa's mom proudly shows Grandma's picture above the mantel in the Rodriguez living room. It's the last gift that Isa's grandfather ever gave. And it is proudly displayed, infuriating Isa's aunt. Then it is stolen. But why? Isa learns that to keep a valued friendship, sometimes it's better to think of others before yourself.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Take a stroll down the hallways of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and you'll find treasures dating back hundreds of years. What is good art? Why are some pieces more expensive than others?

download stolen treasure

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We can't even show you the paintings because of the current investigation, but can tell you six of these paintings were recently found in the Philadelphia area. The agents won't even say how much they are worth, but we know they were stolen in 1988. The case is still active.

"This series promises it all: ruthless pirates, CIA spies, terrorists, stolen works of art and priceless treasure. More important, it delivers. A high-seas adventure that will entice even the most confirmed of landlubbers."

Looted Art Treasures General Dwight D Eisenhower, Supreme Allied commander, inspects art treasures looted by the Germans and stored away in the Merkers salt mine. Behind GEN Eisenhower are General Omar N. Bradley (left), CG of the 12th Army Group, and (right) LT Gen George S. Patton, Jr, CG, 3rd U.S. Army. 4/12/45.

Stolen Treasure General Dwight D Eisenhower, Supreme Allied commander, accompanied by General Omar N. Bradley, CG of the 12th Army Group; MG Manton Eddy, CG, XII Corps, and COL Bernard Burnstern, tours German salt mines in which stolen treasure was hidden. 4/12/45.

Capture of Germany s Gold ReichsBank wealth, SS loot, and Berlin Museum paintings that were removed from Berlin to a salt mine vault located in Merkers, Germany. The 3rd U.S. Army discovered the gold and other treasure in April 1945.

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Saphor Torahs Chaplain Samuel Blinder examines one of the hundreds of Saphor Torahs (sacred scrolls) part of a cache of Hebrew and Jewish books that were stolen and collected from every occupied country in Europe. 7/6/45.

Florentine Art Treasures Returned Six trucks with part of the half billion dollars worth of Florentine art treasure, which was taken to Bolsano by retreating Germans, arrives at Piazzo Dei Signoria, Florence, Italy and passes by reviewing stand of American, English and Italian officials. 7/21/45.

Art Treasures Returned One of the trucks that transported the art treasures to Florence, Italy. The paintings had been stolen by the German Army and recovered by the U.S. Army and returned to the city of Florence. 7/23/45.

Philip IV King of Spain The Diego Velazquez Painting Philip IV King of Spain , being examined by GEN Mark W. Clark, CG USFA, who was the host to allied leaders, and the Austrian people during a ceremony where art treasures recovered by the U.S. Army were returned to the rightful owners. LT. GEN Emile Marie Bethourart of France, LT. GEN. R.L. McCreery of Britian, Mr. Figl, Chancellor of Austria, and COL. GEN. Alexis Zheltov, Russian Deputy Commander, were guests of GEN Clark. 12/19/48.

Fast forward to today and technology is playing a pivotal role in the global ancient artifacts trade. Thieves are using the anonymity of the internet to sell stolen relics, while authorities are using cutting-edge tools to assess the damage to plundered sites and raise awareness of stolen works.

One of the biggest problems with buying loot is that it incentivizes theft. Therefore, collectors have a direct impact on illicit digging and destruction. According to some claims, the market for looted antiquities is demand-driven. Increasing the demand for stolen goods encourages people to continue plundering, stealing history from humanity, destroying archaeological sites, and smuggling illicit goods across international borders. For this reason, it is important that collectors refrain from black market acquisitions. Unfortunately, too many looted antiquities make it onto the market.

Whereas law enforcement agencies monitor galleries and their inventories, it is more difficult to do so for sellers hiding behind screen names and in unknown locations. In 2015, CBS News reported on how smugglers sell items online. The report revealed that looters quickly disposed of stolen goods by selling them through messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

An Achaemenid limestone bas-relief was stolen from Persepolis, Iran, in 1935 during official excavations by the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. Authorities were alerted and the Iranian government attempted to recover the valuable artifact, but it disappeared on the black market. Due to photographs taken during the excavations, authorities had evidence of the item and its theft.

So how can technology be used to fight against looting? Online resources are powerful tools for due diligence. Interpol operates an online database of stolen art that allows potential buyers to search records of stolen art as part of their due diligence. And the Carabinieri's Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Italy (the country's art crime squad) recently launched a free to download app (iTPC) to assist with due diligence. The app allows users to input a photo of an artwork and search for a match in a database of stolen cultural property.

Looters in Italy dig up ancient treasures and sell them to the highest bidder. Some pieces make their way to the world's biggest museums. Author Peter Watson's new book The Medici Conspiracy examines the network behind the trade.

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Treasures have been stolen! In this eye-popping quest your task will be to travel the world, find them and catch snaky Jacques and his companion Toady. They have stolen the treasures that have magic power. Now Jacques is eager to run the world! This is you who must prevent him from doing such a cruel thing. In this free downloadable game "Hide and Secret" you'll masterfully escape his traps, follow the clues and do your best to find the treasures.In this captivating downloadable game you'll visit 30 different locations and pass more than 20 exciting levels. You'll be impressed and absorbed by the adventurous storyline of this unique game, picturesque graphics and corresponding sound. Don't waste time, download and play "Hide and Secret" right now totally for free!The adventurous journey for the real treasure-seekers.Find lots of genuinely absorbing games at and play 100% for free! Enjoy Hide and Secret together with your friends limitlessly and be thoroughly entertained!

This fairy tale is about a boy named Jack who sets out to roam the world. Along the way, various animal friends join him, and when they encounter a house full of bandits, they do not get scared. On the contrary, they join forces and get the whole house for themselves, along with all the stolen treasure.

Be sure to also check out Nintendo of Europe's WiiWare portal,which functions as the main hub for the latest WiiWare news andgame sites, while at the same time providing the perfect entrypoint for newcomers to the service. Weekly and all-time Top 10lists show which WiiWare titles the UK Club Nintendo members arecurrently downloading most, and which are the most popular of alltime.

The portal also provides step-by-step tutorials explaining howto connect the Wii console to the Internet and how to downloadWiiWare games, as well as a video showing how to use NintendoPoints. Visit for all the details. Downloadedgames can be saved to Wii's internal memory or SD card and added tothe console's Wii Menu or SD Card Menu for anytime easy access.

Leaks can be costly, as the state found out in 2007 when a data tape containing personal information on 1.3 million Ohioans was stolen from an intern's car. Ohio spent $2.2 million to provide a year of free identity-theft protection to those at risk. Ohio State University expects to spend $4 million on an investigation and credit-protection services after a hacker accessed records of 760,000 people.

Columbus doesn't record serial numbers of computer parts it sends for disposal, making it impossible to discern if a hard drive was surreptitiously swapped, lost or stolen. And those computer parts could store a treasure trove for criminals: medical records of Health Department clients, locations of underground utilities guarded as a matter of homeland security and employee information, to name some.

City workers aren't supposed to download this information; an order from Mayor Michael B. Coleman instructs the data must be left on city servers and not toted into the field on laptops or smart phones. City workers might have ignored this as a matter of practicality, or stored the information on desktop computers without realizing it.

While search engines are treasure troves of information that certainly make our lives easier, they are also a breeding ground for criminals and malware infection. Some malware is specifically designed to hide within search results. We must learn to identify a suspicious link/website and avoid the malware lurking within it. Here are some ways to minimize the risk of contracting a computer virus and some things to watch for when navigating the wild world of the Internet.


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