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Causeway(2022)24 Available Subtitles ((FREE))

The Netflix anti-war film in German with English subtitles took the best picture slot and eight other nominations, making it the biggest OMG shocker on this year's list of contenders. It's interesting to note that the first film version of Erich Maria Remarque's acclaimed novel took the best picture Oscar in 1930. Can history repeat itself with this remake? I wouldn't count it out.

Causeway(2022)24 Available subtitles


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The following titles are AUDIO DESCRIBED on Apple's streaming service, Apple TV+. Almost all of the videos are Apple Originals, most of which have audio description tracks in at least nine languages (English, French, Canadian French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Spanish Latin America; plus the original language of the video if not one of those listed). Subtitles are also available in 40 languages for most content. Some titles, such as talk shows and some documentaries, may be English AD only; and a few non-Apple movies may no have AD at all.

Apple TV+ is available via the Apple TV App on most streaming devices (see Apple's complete list) as well as web browsers. Note that on some devices you must activate audio description via the Audio menu for every title.

Regardless of which Apple TV show I am watching whether it be Tehran or Truth about 60 seconds after I press play the subtitles disappear. If I exit out of the shell or out of the Apple TV app and re-enter and press play again once again for about 60 seconds it will display the close captions. This does not necessarily matter in his show in which I understand the language, but it does matter when I watch Tehran. How do I fix this problem? It only happens in my Apple TV app.

Same issue. Sony Bravia TV with Apple TV app. I enable regular English subtitles for all programs due to hearing issues. With the Invasion series, the English subtitles for English-speaking characters work consistently. But the Japanese to English translations for characters speaking Japanese disappear in the middle of dialogue. If I reset everything the Japanese translation subtitles come back, but only for a few moments. Very annoying.

Same issue here. Subtiles drops after some minutes or so, and I have to change subtitles to other language and then back again. Very frustrating. My ATV+ app is installed on Nvdia Shield 2016 unit and updated to the newest version.

I'm having the same issue. I've timed it multiple times, from the time I start video with subtitles until they disappear. It's about 50-60 seconds. If I exit the video (Foundation in this case) and go to Apple TV+ settings - Accessibility - Subtitles and captions, change the setting and go back to the video, they work and then disappear again after 50-60 seconds. I tried other shows, like Ted Lasso, and the same problem occurs. I'm using a Firestick with the Apple TV+ app in the 'man cave', both with the latest software updates. The Apple TV app on my Samsung TV doesn't have this problem, so thinking it might be the Firestick, I was going to purchase another Firestick, until I found this thread. Turned Firestick subtitles off and on, to no avail. Very frustrating.

Unfortunately, doesn't seem like this issue is getting any attention by Apple. I will add, the problem has most often occurred for me on my iPad Pro when I have tried to skip forward or back multiple times in the same episode. With Invasion, I paused multiple times to try and increase the screen brightness (a losing battle). After that start/stop/skip situation, the subtitles would completely crap out. Then I'd pause/rewind trying to get the subtitles back (selecting always on or recommended etc). Even force closing the app and restarting. The only solution was to give up and try another day. They *would be back on a follow up viewing.

Dropped subtitles are especially irritating when watching Macbeth, where it helps to see the words visually. We go back and forth to settings and reset, trying different fonts and transparency level, but nothing works. We gave up on the show. I like subtitles for all shows, by the way, since I misunderstand words from time to time.

I absolutely agree with EdDC! We are having the same issue and gave up watching Macbeth last night because of this issue. Previously, watching "For All Mankind" the subtitles/closed-captioning would disappear after about 30 seconds, but then if we paused the video and backed it up a bit (to catch that missed bit of dialog), the subtitles would come back and be fine for the rest of the episode. That's not the case with Macbeth; the subtitles go away and come back erratically. We're using an Amazon Fire Stick with the Apple TV app.

Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Services and features vary based upon service level. Internet: Actual speeds vary and not guaranteed. For factors affecting speed visit Xfinity xFi and Advanced Security are available to Xfinity Internet customers with a compatible Xfinity xFi Gateway. Advanced Security activation requires Xfinity app login. Xfinity WiFI hotspots available in select areas. Flex: Not available to current Xfinity Video customers. Requires post-paid subscription to Xfinity Internet, excluding Internet Essentials. Pricing subject to change. Taxes, fees and other applicable charges extra, and subject to change. Limited to 3 devices. $5/mo. per device. All devices must be returned when service ends. Peacock Premium has a $4.99/month value. Activation required to access Peacock. Separate charges apply to On Demand and certain streaming services. Subscriptions required to access streaming services. Viewing will count against any Xfinity data plan. Mobile: Requires post-pay Xfinity Internet. Line limitations may apply. Equipment, intl. and roaming charges, taxes and fees, including regular recovery fees, and other charges extra, and subj. to change. $25/line/mo. charge applies if Xfinity TV, Internet or Voice post-pay services not maintained. Pricing subject to change. In times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic. After 20 GB monthly data use, speeds reduced to a maximum of 1.5 Mbps download/750 Kbps upload. A minimum $15.00 charge applies per month, per account for By the Gig lines, regardless of data usage. Charges apply to each GB or partial GB of shared data. No rollover data. Actual savings vary and are not guaranteed. Actual speeds vary. For Xfinity Mobile Broadband Disclosures visit: Xfinity Mobile utilizes the network with the most RootMetrics 5G data reliability wins in 2H 2022. Results may vary. Award is not endorsement. Xfinity customers will auto-connect to Xfinity WiFi when available and not use the wireless network. RootMetrics did not test WiFi networks. Self Protection: Requires subscription to Xfinity Internet service and a compatible Xfinity xFi Gateway. Equipment required and sold separately. Limit up to 6 cameras. Does not include professional monitoring. 2022 Comcast. All rights reserved. 2022 Peacock TV LLC. Peacock and related marks are trademarks of Peacock LLC. 2022 & TM Lucasfilm Ltd. HBO and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. Individual programs and marks are property of their respective owners.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is playing in theaters. The film will be available to stream on Disney+ and watch across most major video on demand platforms starting Feb. 1. It will be available to buy on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4k Ultra HD on Feb. 7. 041b061a72


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