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The Normal Heart, an autobiographical play by Larry Kramer, received its Polish premiere in 1987 at the Polish Theatre in Poznań where it was directed by Grzegorz Mrówczyński [pl].[44] The Polish cast included Mariusz Puchalski [pl] as Ned Weeks and Mariusz Sabiniewicz [pl] as Tommy Boatwright, with Andrzej Szczytko as Bruce Niles and Irena Grzonka as Dr. Emma Brookner.[45] The television adaptation débuted on the TVP channel on 4 May 1989, one month before the first free election in the country since 1928.[46][47]

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While ahead of the 2015 Polish parliamentary election, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party took an anti-migrant stance, in the run-up to the 2019 Polish parliamentary election the party has focused on countering Western "LGBT ideology".[67] Several Polish municipalities and four Voivodeships made so-called "LGBT-free zone" declarations, partly in response to the signing of a declaration in support of LGBTQ rights by Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski.[67][70] While only symbolic, the declared zones signal exclusion of the LGBT community. The right wing Gazeta Polska newspaper issued "LGBT-free zone" stickers to readers.[71] The Polish opposition and diplomats, including US ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher, condemned the stickers.[72][73] The Warsaw district court ordered that distribution of the stickers should halt pending the resolution of a court case.[74] However Gazeta's editor dismissed the ruling saying it was "fake news" and censorship, and that the paper would continue distributing the sticker.[75] Gazeta continued with the distribution of the stickers, but modified the decal to read "LGBT Ideology-Free Zone".[74]

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