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Anesthesia Books.pdf ^NEW^

It is a comprehensive accessible guide to general and local anesthesia, with the substance and depth of a textbook. Covers clinical aspects of preoperative evaluation and administration of anesthesia for postoperative pain management of the critically ill surgical and medical patients on various life-support systems. Presents essential aspects, theoretical details with illustrations, photographs and line drawings. Provides clinical reference in cardiac anesthesia with complete information on drugs, monitoring cardio pulmonary bypass, circulatory support and anesthetic management of cardiac disorders.

Anesthesia Books.pdf

This is a comprehensive book on anesthesia care from infants to adolescents with more than 30 contributors, all experienced in the field. It covers topics from preoperative evaluation, pediatric airways, pulmonary resuscitation and anesthesia management for different types of surgery. This book is downloadable in color or black and white.

The Stanford Emergency Manual. This is a free laminated guide with algorithms describing the diagnosis and treatment of the 26 most common ACLS and non-ACLS perioperative anesthesia emergencies. This is an essential cognitive aide for every operating room, code cart, and anesthetizing location in the world. (Free download)

Anesthesia Equipment: Principles and Applications, 3rd edition, 2020, Editor Jan Ehrenwerth. Every anesthesia professional should understand the machines they utilize. This textbook, was first published in 1993, answers the questions pertaining to anesthesia machines, airway equipment, monitors and other perioperative devices. (ebook $120.79, hardcover $122.85)


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