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[[[TV>]]!!!!] Japan v Colombia live free 28.03.2023

7:31 AM10 months agoCorner for Colombia. 7:30 AM10 months agoDaniel Luna (Colombia) left footed shot (left footed shot) is saved in the goalkeeper's hands. 7:26 AM10 months agoOffside of Japan. 7:23 AM10 months agoDaniel Luna (Colombia) is fouled by Yashiki (Japan). 7:22 AM10 months agoSano (Japan) left footed shot from the left side of the box misses the target.

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7:21 AM10 months agoYamane (Japan) header following a cross is just a bit too high. 7:20 AM10 months agoHandball of Hurtado (Colombia). 7:18 AM10 months agoColombia's advanced position. 7:17 AM10 months agoOffside of Colombia. 7:14 AM10 months agoYellow card for Yamane (Japan). 7:11 AM10 months agoDaniel Luna (Colombia) blocked shot. 7:10 AM10 months agoKitano Sota (Japan) is fouled by Daniel Luna (Colombia). 7:09 AM10 months agoKitano Sota (Japan) sees an effort go just wide of the right post. 7:05 AM10 months agoMatch kicks off at Stade Parsemain! 7:02 AM10 months agoGroup C is momentarily led by Comoros after its victory over Japan.

Highlights and Goals: Japan 1-2 Colombia in Toulon Tournament 2022 | 11/22/20229:03 AM10 months agoThank you very much for joining us in the broadcast of the Japan vs Colombia match for the Toulon Tournament 2022. Follow the sports information on VAVEL. com. 8:59 AM10 months agoEnd of the match. 8:55 AM10 months agoGOOOOOOOOOL FOR JAPAN, Nakamura's penalty kick ends up in the back of the net to give the Japanese the discount.

7:00 AM10 months agoThe teams take the field to begin the ceremonial acts. 6:49 AM10 months agoBoth teams are in the stadium warming up for the match. 6:48 AM10 months agoColombia won their last match while Japan lost on penalties. Both teams have performed well but Colombia will probably be the winner. 6:45 AM10 months agoThe central judge of the match will be Laura Fortunato. 6:34 AM10 months agoJuan Diego Castillo; Juan José Mina, Elber Olaya, Daniel Pedrozo, Andrés Salazar; Jhon Vélez, Gustavo Puerta, Alexis Manyoma, Daniel Luna; Jorge Hurtado, Isaac Zuleta. D.

Don't miss a single detail of the match updates and commentary from VAVEL's coverage. 11:38 PM10 months agoLet's remember that to qualify to the next round, you must be group leader. As there are only three groups, the other qualified team will be the best runner-up. It is also worth remembering that although this is the first phase of the tournament, if there is a tie, the teams will go directly to the penalty shootout. 11:23 PM10 months agoAt the moment, Colombia has a defeat by penalties and a victory rescued at the last moment.

7:49 AM10 months agoYashiki (Japan) sees his shot blocked by the goalkeeper. 7:48 AM10 months agoCorner for Colombia. 7:47 AM10 months agoJorge Cabezas (Colombia) left footed shot is high and wide to the left. 7:43 AM10 months agoCorner for Colombia. 7:42 AM10 months agoAlexis Manyoma (Colombia) hits the left post and deflects the ball. 7:38 AM10 months agoAlexis Manyoma (Colombia) is fouled by Sano (Japan). 7:36 AM10 months agoDaniel Luna (Colombia) sees his shot from a cross by Puerta (Colombia) blocked by the goalkeeper.

8:54 AM10 months agoYellow card for Elber Olaya (Colombia). 8:53 AM10 months agoPenalty on Matsuda (Japan). 8:42 AM10 months agoYellow card for Jhon Velez (Colombia). 8:30 AM10 months agoMasukake (Japan) is fouled by Andrés Salazar (Colombia). 8:28 AM10 months agoYellow card for Matsuda (Japan). 8:27 AM10 months agoGOOOOOOOOOOOOOL FOR COLOMBIA, Jorge Cabezas scores with his left foot after a pass from Gustavo Puerta to increase their lead over the Japanese. 8:21 AM10 months agoOffside of Colombia. 8:16 AM10 months agoPuerta (Colombia) fouls Yashiki (Japan). 8:15 AM10 months agoYellow card for Alexis Manyoma (Colombia).

If they win against Japan and Comoros loses against Algeria, Colombia would be the group leader and would qualify to the next round. They will have to be more consistent when it comes to finishing and manage to keep the score. 11:18 PM10 months agoThe Japanese started the tournament very well by beating Algeria in the first match by the minimum difference. Then, they lost to Comoros in a penalty shootout as they finished the 90 minutes without a goal. Against Colombia, Japan will have the obligation to win in order to regain the group lead and qualify for the next round.

Japan 1-2 Colombia in Toulon Tournament 2022

T. : Fredy Hurtado. 6:32 AM10 months agoKimura Ryoya; Tanaka Hayato, Nakano Shinya, Takai Kota, Uno Zento; Yamane Riku, Yamazaki Taishin, Kitano Sota; Sano Kodai, Yashiki Yusei, Sakamoto Isa. D. : Koichi Togashi. 6:25 AM10 months agoIn 45 minutes, the match will kick off at the Stade Parsemain. Both teams have already confirmed their lineups. 11:53 PM10 months agoIn a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Japan vs Colombia match, as well as the latest information from the Stade Parsemain.

8:13 AM10 months agoJAPAN'S AUTOGOAL, at first it looked like a goal by Jorge Cabezas (Colombia) after the play that came from behind, but then it was confirmed that the one who pushed the ball was the recently entered Matsuda who unfortunately put his team at a disadvantage. 8:11 AM10 months agoThe second part begins. 7:52 AM10 months agoEnd of the first half. 7:51 AM10 months agoSakamoto (Japan) right footed shot (right) is just a bit too high and wide to the left.

Japan vs Colombia | 2023 Live Score - Tuesday 28th


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