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The guide below will teach you how to obtain and personalize The Dr. Disrespect skin from NBA 2K23.Dr. Disrespect is a cosmetic with three distinct options that you have to unlock to get his complete skin in the game. Each cosmetic is locked behind an exact level requirement which is met by going through MyCareer mode NBA 2K23 MT. MyCareer mode.

Once you have unlocked the three cosmetics that you have unlocked, you're able to head to the MyCareer option to alter and customize your Dr. Disrespect avatar. You'll be able to get the mustache cosmetic there to make your complete Dr. Disrespect skin.From the moment you get it you are able to develop the character however you like. Keep in mind that Dr. Disrespect's height is 6'8'' which you can take advantage of when playing the court, by blocking shooters or dunking on your opponents.

A great Power Forward build will work well for the two-time champion but you can also test by going with other MyPlayer builds.Well it's safe to count Klay Thompson one the many people who hate on the market for NBA 2K23. Thompson isn't happy with games that use video game .Over the past couple of months, NBA 2K has been giving player ratings as they gear up for the launch in September. Also it is the case that every player is not content with the rating they receive.

Some players are nitpicky such as Kevin Durant, who doesn't appreciate the fact that the rating for him is 96 (which is very high) and not an 99 (which is perfect).But there are also those who feel completely and totally disrespected. Thompson fits into the latter bag.The game released a photo of the top 3-point shooters along with their rating. Thompson's teammate, Steph Curry, was 99, which is well ahead of the others.

But Thompson? He was on the team with Demond Bane, Kevin Durant and Luke Kennard with an 88-rated rating. And, as one of the top shooters ever the guy didn't like the game. Therefore, he made a post on his blog about it.He called NBA 2K "doo doo" and also played his "put some respect in the name of my son" card Cheap MT 2K23, calling them "bums. It's truly the classic Klay Thompson.


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