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2 T R Turn Up and Play – Pick Up Game of Choice!

We run a vast number of Turn Up & Play sessions.  Focussed in 2 categories 14-16 year olds and Senior (16 and Up).  You can put a team of 4 players together yourself or turn up and we will put you into a team for the session.

Each player is usually charged around £3 for the session which will involve some warm up activities, a number of consecutive and intense matches, some warm down activities and for the 14-16 year olds some medal awards.

Everyone plays a significant number of games over the course of an hour, the more highly subscribed sites run for 2 hours.  By the end of the session you will be ready for a rest with 4-5 10 minute, intensely played 2 Touch Rulz games, burning more calories than you do in 90 minutes of regular 11 a-side football.

Each session is stewarded by a qualified 2TR Referee, footballs and bibs are provided.  The provision of 2 Touch Rulz proprietary goals are available at almost all sites.  We are adding new sites all the time in partnership with local government and our work placement programme. 

If we don’t have a site near you and you believe there would be significant interest locally feel free to give us a call and we will happily investigate the viability of brining 2 T R Turn Up and Play to YOU!