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2 T R Corporate Team Building Events!

2TR Football presents quite a unique opportunity for groups of colleagues to work together in a competitive footballing situation where age, ability and gender present little advantage.  2 Touch Rulz football requires team work first and foremost, with a player only being able to touch the ball twice (Control & Pass or Shoot) you need your team mates working around you or possession is lost.

The inter dependency pushes teams to work together and for each other.  Communication is key to the game and the ease by which we instantiate it allows even the quietest of players to gain a voice and grow in confidence.

We are able to deliver hosted events at your site or at suitable sites near to your offices.  We have a mobile pitch that can be erected anywhere, e.g. a company car park or a suitable site of your choosing.  Alternatively we can utilise a nearby 3G pitch centre and deliver the event there.

Time and again we have seen that a day with the 2TR team breaks down barriers, opens up lines of communication and develops a greater understanding of collective capability. 

We can customise your day to suit your organisation delivering both bespoke and tailored versions of our corporate experience.

Tournament Event
We arrange your group into small sided teams and give them a league style event where every team play every other team and points are allocated for victories and draws, the team with the highest number of points receives the trophy (trophy and award packages are customizable).
This is great fun way to break down barriers, develop a winning culture and bring various parts of your organisation together.

Typical Agenda
09:00 Briefing
09:30 Warm Up
10:00 Simple Skills Development (basic skills needed for the game)
11:00 League Starts
12:00 Lunch
13:00 League Continues
16:00 Trophies and Medals

Team and Trust Building Event
The focus of these events is to develop trust and closer bonds to groups that work together and across organisations, we have a customizable set of activities, football skills development based (ability, age and gender agnostic), that develop interdependencies and build trust between individuals, honing their ability to work together and collaborate effectively to achieve a number of goals.

This can be competitive or none competitive, delegates can simply enjoy their day, working together and developing their team bonds.  Alternatively we can award points for a completed challenge and further points for how the challenge was tackled and the process this took.  The points awarded are then accumulated over the course of the day creating a competitive league situation.

Typical Agenda
09:00 Briefing
09:15 Warm Up
10:00 Technical Challenges
11:00 Physical Challenges
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Combined Technical and Physical Challenges
16:00 Trophies and Medals or Certificates

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