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2 Touch Rulz At the
Hillingdon Leisure Centre
Stadium on the
7th September 12:30-17:00

FREE Turn Up and Play Footbal event funded by
Peabody Housing Association

5 years old to 16 years old welcome, turn up on your own or with friends, bring a team of 4 or we will place you into a team of 4, its then up to you, you step into the cage and score it out in a winner stays on format of short games.

Bring a drink, wear boots or astros and Good luck.


Fusion Hillingdon Leisure Centre
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
Gatting Way, Uxbridge UB8 1ES

What your child will receive:

Coaching using the 2 Touch Rulz™ methodology and proprietary game system.  Turn Up and Play "In the Cage" Coach to class ratio of 1-8 for maximum small class size benefit from our Pro Coaches.  Guaranteed to improve your child’s footballing ability or your money back!

For more information on all the benefits you or your child could benefit from with the 2 Touch Rulz™ Academy use the following links:

What do I need to know:

  • Your child should be wearing clothes suitable for physical exercise – favourite club kits welcome!
  • Your child should be wearing trainers!
  • You will need to bring a drink for your child that can open and close!
  • For Children Under 10 you will need to remain on the site, you can use the leisure/gym facilities if you make the coach aware where you will be on the site. (If you need to leave the site you will have to delegate another adult or parent as prime carer for your child and make the coach aware).

How much does it cost:

  • Costs: ITS FREE